Garage Door Motor Repair

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    Garage Door Motor Repair

    Garage Door Motor Repair

    An overhead door showing symptoms that its motor may be in need of fixing or replacement could be: closing or opening only halfway, appearing to have some sort of jam in its system, or a failure in the unit itself.

    For those who have a garage but are not quite so knowledgeable about its many different parts, the garage door motor is a mechanical system that, by creating motion out of electricity, generates the force that runs the garage door opener; a motor can be powered either straight from batteries or the power grid in an alternating fashion.

    Issues concerning the motor of your garage door are not always predictable, and can cause heaps of inconvenience when they arise.

    Our team at Smooth Openers knows this well, which is why we advise that the second you suspect something could be the matter with your overhead door, calling a respectable company for a professional garage door motor repair ought to be among your very first courses of action.

    Before calling us up for a garage door repair in Baltimore, however, it can be beneficial to let yourself get a decent grasp of the situation at hand first, and we are here to help you with that.

    How to tell if your motor has a problem?

    If you are already familiar with the symptoms of a faulty garage door remote control or opener, then you will not have too much trouble figuring out what a potentially problematic garage door motor typically looks like, as they do have quite a lot in common when it comes to ways of malfunctioning.

    Let’s run through some of the most telling signs that should prompt you to seek the insight and services of a licensed technician, shall we?

    First off, if your garage door motor has started to make noises that are unusual (such as creaking, squeaks, and clanking) and louder than normal, they could be coming from inside the assembly.

    If these sounds are particularly noticeable upon the opening or closing of your door, or during the moments it appears to be malfunctioning, make no delays for scheduling your garage door motor repair.

    The same goes for a garage door that keeps you waiting with delays, this can usually be explained by the inevitable effects of aging, and thus can easily be solved by a professional who can assist you throughout the repair, or even replacement.

    Just like anything that has been around for a while, an aged garage motor cannot be expected to operate at full capacity, and the best way to deal with equipment that is clearly past its prime is to replace it with newer and more reliable technology for optimal convenience and safety.

    Furthermore, for an overhead door that has started to move at a slower than usual pace, this could indicate a variety of issues, one of which may be its motor lacking enough energy to support the door’s motion.

    Similarly, a door that incompletely opens/closes, or refuses to open or close at all, could be pointing to either problems with the remote, opener, or motor itself–give Smooth Openers a call and we’ll have the culprit pinpointed in a jiffy!

    Allow us to ease your overhead door burdens!

    Smooth Openers is home to a company of well-trained and officially licensed technicians who are passionate about enriching our community by making sure that all our clients are happy and safe with their at-home and/or commercial garage doors.

    So, if you find yourself in need of any repairs for your garage door motor, you can count on us to know exactly what to do to bring it back to a fully worry-free state–at a perfectly reasonable price too!

    Additionally, we are proud to offer plenty more services for repair, replacement, and garage door installation in Baltimore.

    If you’re not sure what your garage door needs, but can tell that it needs a little TLC, we would love to walk you all the way through the process, from initial inspection, to honest diagnosing, and of course the actual repairs or replacement.

    Let us help you lighten your load by giving Smooth Openers a call on any day!

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