Garage Door Installation

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    Garage Door Installation

    Looking for a Garage Door Installation Service?

    Getting a new garage door to revamp your current garage setup or compliment your new home’s exterior can be both an exciting and daunting process.

    Once you have selected the right overhead door to integrate into your household, you still have the matter of garage door installation left to worry about; there are those who prefer to cut down on extra costs, or simply enjoy DIY tasks and opt to do it themselves.

    As big of a deal as a garage door seems, those of us at Smooth Openers know it isn’t impossible to get a new one installed all on your own in a single day–with adequate skills, research, equipment, and determination, that is.

    Necessary tools.

    Willpower is great, but preparation and precautions are just as important.

    Installing a garage door requires one to be willing to follow manufacturer instructions, look up relevant tips, and be ready with all the needed tools.

    The tools you will need to install a common sectional overhead door are: safety glasses, pliers (adjustable-locking), steel rods (½-inch in diameter), drill bits, drill, level, driver bit, socket bit, hammer, and an open-ended wrench.

    Take down your old garage door.

    Be extra mindful when releasing the tension in your overhead door’s springs; they hold weighty loads of tension that may put one at risk of serious injury when incorrectly dealt with.

    It’s vital to release torsion spring tension before doing any further work on your new garage door installation, so be sure to take your pliers to clamp the springs’ shaft before pressing them against the header wall over the door.

    Find the winding cone, notice the four holes that tighten and loosen the spring, then insert a steel rod into one; securely grasping the rod, unfasten the screws that keep the winding cone secured.

    As you alternate between two rods, loosen each of the springs per quarter by using one rod for turning the cone and the other for stability.

    Next, disconnect your old overhead door from the opener by pulling the red emergency release handle to shift the trolley arm into vertical position; once this is done you can manually lower/raise the door and start detaching its sectional panels.

    Begin removing the hinges from the top door panel and work your way down by loosening the doorframe’s bolts.

    Install your new garage door!

    To get started, secure the hinges to each door panel’s top, as well as axle supports to both the top and bottom panels.

    Position the bottom panel into the opening and ensure that it’s level; as you install each new panel onto the last, see to it that the upper panel’s groove is correctly sitting on the ridge of the panel beneath it.

    Once all your new panels are installed, fasten the top half of each hinge onto the panel above it, then put the wheeled axles into the hinges on the side just before installing both top and bottom axle supports.

    After this, install the track, and make sure that its wheels are in the right place, then attach the cable to the hook found at the bottom on the panel axle support, and attach the bracket on the bottom to the wall.

    Next, assemble the components for supporting the spring (to be attached to the track) before bolting the tracks together by lining them up and attaching them to the door.

    Now install your springs by connecting them to the anchors, securing them to the locking cone, and then tightly bolting them onto the header bracket.

    Slide the torsion rod into the holes found on the side header brackets and then fasten pulleys on both ends of it.

    Attach the cable to the pulley wheel from underneath whilst turning it, and then slide it over to the header bracket to securely tighten everything.

    To keep the rod from spinning during the tightening of your springs, attach two locking pliers to the rod outside the bracket, and begin to tighten every bolt keeping the spring properly positioned.

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