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    By most common definition, a garage door opener is a motorized device which allows a garage door to move into open or closed position.

    The conveniences offered by overhead door openers can generally be accessed with the help of a switch that is placed on the wall of a garage, or by use of a remote control.

    Every now and then, however, homeowners notice issues with the door to their garage that point to there being something wrong with the opener; fortunately, these problems aren’t usually too difficult to identify and solve!

    Below are some of the most common indicators that your overhead door opener needs a little fixing, as well as a few corresponding instructions to help you do so.

    However, should none of the following situations and suggestions rid you of your troubles, feel free to contact us at Smooth Openers for a trusty garage door repair in Baltimore.

    Wall switch and remote control no longer work.

    When your wall switch or remote control stops eliciting responses in your overhead door, you may first want to check whether your motor unit is properly plugged in before coming to any other conclusions.

    If your unit is plugged just fine, you might be facing power issues; examine your circuit breaker, fuse, or GFCI outlet and look out for signs of burnout or a damaged opener circuit.

    Problems with power are most likely if you’ve noticed your other lights/electrical circuits acting strangely as well.

    In this case, you’ll need to reset your breaker or GFCI, but if doing so doesn’t get rid of the problem, this could mean your system has short-circuited.

    In the case of a completely burned out fuse or motor, garage door opener repair will no longer be necessary, as you’ll simply have to get a replacement.

    No responses to remote control or keypad.

    This is sometimes caused by simply being outside the range of the antenna; the operation of some overhead doors can be affected by even short distances, especially if they only perform at 315mH.

    If you’re within antenna range, you might want to check if your remote control or keypad batteries need replacement, particularly if the garage door is only being responsive to your wall switch–also ensure that the antenna to your motor unit isn’t hanging down or damaged in any way.

    Reprogramming may be another solution, as remote controls and keypads may lose their programming from time to time.

    Garage door won’t open all the way.

    The cause of this issue sometimes lies in rollers being uncooperative; examine yours to see if they require lubrication or replacing.

    Otherwise, you could also shift your up-limit switch towards the motor unit (this is a touch-lever which can be found at the end of the track), since one that is at too much of a distance may cause your motor to keep your overhead door from opening completely.

    Furthermore, however, some will also find that their motor continues to run even after their garage door has reached full opening.

    Though this isn’t as common of an issue, you will usually just have to do the opposite as the previous instruction: move your up-limit switch further away from the motor unit.

    Garage door won’t close completely.

    Sometimes, this can be caused by safety sensors needing readjustment or realigning, and the sightline in between both electronic eyes at the bottom of your door track must be free of blackages too.

    A close-limit switch, on the other hand, is something you can adjust to avoid certain malfunctioning incidents that may lead to accidents with your garage door.

    The set-limit switch is what tells the garage motor when to stop running, and to adjust it, you’ll need to turn the screw feature on the motor unit it’s set as far down as your overhead door needs to be closed.

    If the problem is that your tracks have moved or become bent, or if you have rusty rollers, you may need them replaced–call Smooth Openers for help with any inquiries, and we will be happy to help you.

    We offer not only garage door installation in Baltimore, but many other services too, including garage door opener repair!

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