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    As large and bulky of a component as it is, when it comes to prioritizing which parts of a house get the most attention and care, the overhead door can often be overlooked.

    However, given the fact that a large number of homeowners use their garage door multiple times a day (every single day, at that) skimping on maintenance is simply not something that is worth keeping up in the long run.

    The door to your garage doesn’t just conveniently keep enclosed the area you park your vehicle in, it can also serve as extra storage space for various other valuables and belongings–even more importantly, it ought to be reliable and secure as an alternative means of entering your household.

    A properly functioning overhead door keeps your vehicle/s, possessions, home, and living companions safe, and you don’t want to compromise that safety by ever delaying a necessary garage door repair.

    Your garage door won’t fail you if you don’t fail it, so to make sure you know what kind of indications call for professional assistance; here are some of the most well-known problems that homeowners face with their overhead door.

    Malfunctioning sensors

    The sensors on a garage door play a crucial role in the prevention of accidents that can damage your vehicle, as well as serious injuries that may befall you, your loved ones, and/or pets.

    Signs that your sensors aren’t working right include: your overhead door opening or closing in irregular manners, either randomly, stopping halfway, etc.

    This may mean that your optical eye sensors are misaligned, sending inaccurate signals of a blockage to your garage door opener, thus requiring calibration.

    Moreover, the limiter is another sensor component that is prone to problems; being responsible for letting a door know when to open or close, a malfunctioning limiter can cause the opener to think your door is correctly opened/closed regardless of whether or not it actually is.

    Worn out/broken springs.

    Without the right torsion springs, your overhead door’s system would be incapable of lifting or lowering your bulky garage door (that can weigh hundreds of pounds) as smoothly as it is designed to.

    These powerful necessities carry great amounts of tension that are only ever advised to be released by professionally trained individuals who have appropriate equipment for the job.

    To avoid falling victim to any accidents involving worn or snapped springs, never carry out replacement yourself, and get in touch instead with our team at Smooth Openers for a fix you can trust.

    Faulty rollers

    Plenty of overhead doors use wheels or rollers to roll into position and into the correct track, however, these components get worn out as time passes as well and may become prone to freezing up or getting stuck.

    Garage doors with bad rollers are prone to going off track and closing or opening in uneven or erratic ways, bringing potential further damage to the opener due to the excess stress.

    DIY roller replacement is not as hazardous as DIY spring replacement, however, if you want to make sure the task is diagnosed and accomplished correctly, it is best to call a reputable company for help.

    Damaged cables

    It’s common for garage door openers to use cables when applying force during the door’s opening and closing, although just like springs, rollers, and the likes, cables are by no means immune to the effects of wear and tear.

    Broken or worn springs can cause a garage door to hang in strange positions, or sag upon being opened or closed.

    They can also affect your door’s ability to stay open, which is a very clear safety hazard.

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