Garage Door Opener Installation

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    A garage door opener installation is not an easy job.

    Hence, it should only be done by professional garage door installation in Baltimore.

    To give you a look at what they do, here are some of the steps that need to be taken for a garage door opener installation:

    Ensure that the door parts are working properly.

    The first thing to look at is the parts, especially the springs.

    They are in charge of the tension, so they can pose quite a hazard if they are broken.

    If you have two overhead doors with similar use, you can have the springs from both doors replaced if one of them breaks. Most springs can break within a year.

    Check the balance of the door

    It is necessary that you test the door’s balance before going ahead with the garage door opener installation.

    You can open the door halfway and then let it go.

    If the door is able to move up or down on its own, the torsion spring may be out of adjustment.

    This can result in the opener working hard and wearing out faster.

    Pick out the right garage door opener

    Garage door openers are equipped with a chain drive, a screw drive, or a belt drive.

    Chain drives usually have a long chain that pulls the door open and close.

    They are also the least expensive but can be very loud.

    Screw drives, on the other hand, have a long threaded rod that drives the mechanism open and close.

    They have a mid-range price, plus they require the least amount of maintenance, although they may not be as quiet as belt drives.

    Belt drives, meanwhile, has a rubber belt that opens and closes the door.

    They are the quietest, and so they are the best choice.

    However, they are also the most expensive.

    Place the opener on a ladder for easy installation

    In positioning the opener, place it on a ladder and then make use of scrap lumber to get it at the height that you need.

    Then, align the trail of the opener with the center of the garage door.

    You can follow the instructions made by the manufacturer to get the opener assembled together.

    Then, place the rail to the header bracket that is located at the top of the door.

    Place the opener on a ladder where you are going to have it installed.

    The ladder is usually an 8-footer that can hold the opener in position while you measure the lengths of the angle iron.

    If it is necessary, put the boards below the opener to raise it.

    Open the door when you install the opener by clamping some locking pliers onto the roller track that is under the roller to prevent the door from shutting.

    It is also far easier to align the opener with the center of the door when the door itself is open.

    Purchase a heavy-duty angle iron

    Make use of angle iron in hanging the opener.

    Do not utilize a strap that is flimsy that is equipped with some openers.

    You need to have a solid mounting so that you can ensure that there is less vibration with longer life.

    Moreover, if the opener is more than six inches from the ceiling, simply attach an angle brack to get rid of the sway.

    Garage door openers usually consist of everything that you need for a garage door opener installation.

    However, the mounting straps might often be flimsy, so that you can have them bent with your hands.

    Replace the components

    You might be tempted to have the old photoelectric eyes reused, as well as the opener button found in the wall.

    The new photo eyes and the wall button are designed to work with the new opener, but you should purchase new ones to ensure smooth operation.

    Call Smooth Openers

    For a garage door opener installation, Smooth Openers is the company that won’t let you down.

    We specialize in garage door repair in Baltimore as well as garage door installation, among many others. We are proven and tested as well.

    Do not hesitate to call us should you need any help.

    Contact Smooth Openers now for a smooth garage door operation!

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