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    There are a lot of questions surrounding the garage door.

    Perhaps not even all of them can be answered by the same person or company.

    Asking for help with your overhead door is not a crime, nor is seeking knowledge.

    Hence, here are some of the garage door repairs FAQ you may be curious about:

    1. Why does my garage door not close entirely and reverse back up?

    Garage door openers that were made after 1993 are equipped with a safety eye system that makes use of infrared lighting to reverse the door if it detects anything that goes on the way when the garage door closes.

    There are times when something might be blocking the light beam, such as a spider web or a broom handle.

    It is also entirely possible for these sensors to be misaligned, which will also result in the door reversing right away.

    In some cases, these sensors might also be just out of adjustment, that is why the door may close and reverse immediately.

    For this, you need to inspect the sensors for any obstructions.

    Check if the indicators that are found on both eyes are lit.

    1. Why won’t my garage door open?

    There are times when a garage door fails to open due to the counterbalance system that is malfunctioning.

    It may include a broken torsion or extension spring.

    If you have an electric opener at present that makes no noise whenever it is connected, you can try to disconnect the opener and then pull the release cprd to manually lift the door.

    If the door is moving just fine, then the opener might be the problem.

    Ensure first that there is electricity that is supplying the opener with power.

    You should call for a garage door repair in Baltimore right away if the problem lies within the counterbalance system.

    1. Why is my transmitter not working?

    The first thing you need to do is to check if the wall switch has a lock button.

    There are times when the wall switch will blink if that specific function has been activated.

    Have the lock button pushed and hold it for about five seconds and then release it.

    The transmitter should work if that is really the case.

    If it does not, then you should try replacing the battery.

    However, be cautious not to disrupt the coding switches if you have any.

    If it is still malfunctioning, you may inspect the coding switches on the transmitter.

    1. If a section of my garage door has been damaged, do I have to replace it completely?

    There are a lot of cases where the replacement of a particular section is an available option.

    If the door is still good enough, then you should replace the damaged section only.

    However, it is recommended that you replace the entire door to save further costs.

    1. Can I repair the garage door springs on my own?

    This is one of the most common questions in the garage door repairs FAQ.

    If you don’t have experience in terms of changing the spring of the garage door, then you should change them by hiring a garage door repair in Baltimore.

    You should remember that the spring or the counterbalance mechanism is made to lift doors that weigh more than 300 pounds.

    They hold a large amount of tension that is made by torsion springs.

    Hence, they should be avoided by someone who has no prior experience.

    Extension springs withstand huge energy, so they can injure people.

    1. Can a garage door component be removed to find a replacement?

    Most of the questions in the garage door repairs FAQ require common sense, especially when it comes to the hardware of the system.

    If a component is related to the system that includes the springs, then it should never be removed.

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