Garage Roller Door Getting Stuck

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    When your garage door has been stuck when you open or close it, it may feel like you are sacrificing your enjoyment as well as convenience – something that is felt when you own a garage.

    Oftentimes, even with regular maintenance and attention, the garage door can still malfunction due to old age.

    Ensure your safety first.

    Before taking a look at what is possibly causing your garage door to get stuck, the safety concerns should be addressed first.

    In attempting to figure out how to fix your garage door, it is essential that you take safety precautions.

    As you know, garage doors typically weigh a hundred pounds, and their springs store a large amount of energy waiting for release.

    Hence, without the proper precautions, it might be possible to get hurt in an attempt to perform the repairs.

    When you try to repair a garage door that has been stuck in the open, ensure that the opener of the garage door has been turned off.

    If you can, also safely move the garage door using your hands to a close before you repair anything.

    If there is any resistance in the part of the garage door, it is best to leave it alone.

    A garage roller door getting stuck may have various reasons.

    Here are some of them:

    Bad Weather

    If the garage roller door getting stuck is sticking during the cold season, there may have been a build-up of ice, which puts pressure on the springs.

    You might attempt to clear the ice, but the spring may still be damaged, which could lead to a replacement.

    If the problem lies behind a broken spring, you should have a garage door repair in Baltimore called in immediately.

    Replacing a garage door spring on your own could be fatal, which could also void the warranty of the garage door.

    If the springs have not been damaged or broken, clear the door and its parts of any snow and ice.

    Jammed Track

    The garage door is working properly because the opener is able to unwind or wind the torsion springs, thus pulling or pushing the door with the rollers along its track.

    If an object in one of the tracks is obstructing the movement of the rollers, then the garage door can easily stick in an open position.

    You can examine if there are any objects that are blocking the tracks.

    Ensure that the garage door opener is off first before trying to remove any obstructions in place, just to be safe.

    Broken Spring or Jammed Pulley

    The garage door has a pulley and spring system that is crucial in terms of pulling the garage door back and forth on the tracks, as well as the opening of the door.

    If the pulley system has been jammed, or there is a broken spring, the garage door may not work at all.

    Moreover, it happened during the opening and the closing of the garage door, you can end up with a door that has been stuck in the open position.

    Torsion springs usually have a shelf life that is limited. A spring that is in good quality may last about 10,000 cycles of the door.

    If the pulley system is at fault here, it’s to bring in a garage door repair in Baltimore.

    Off-track Garage Door

    There are some circumstances where it is entirely possible for the rollers that are in charge of moving the garage door up and down to jump off the track.

    If the garage door is stuck while opening, then this might be the case.

    An out-of-track roller should only be repaired by a professional technician to prevent a garage roller door getting stuck.

    If the door is off the track due to some damage in its panels, then repairing or replacing the door should be done.

    Call Smooth Openers

    A garage roller door getting stuck is a huge problem. However Smooth Openers can easily fix it.

    We are a team of professionals and experts who operate for the needs and satisfaction of our clients.

    We offer a wide range of services, ranging from garage door installation in Baltimore to garage door repair.

    Do not hesitate to contact us should you need any help!

    Call Smooth Openers for the health of your garage door!

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