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    Your garage door can sometimes seem to think for itself and have a mind of its own.

    Oftentimes, it can decide when and how far it should open or close.

    More often than not, the fix for this can be quite simple, such as replacing the batteries in the opener, and other times, a door that is finicky can pose a much bigger issue.

    While there are some repairs, such as the replacement of springs, or the altering of the track, you have to keep in mind that they should only be performed by a professional.

    There are a few tricks for troubleshooting that you can tackle by yourself, however, before you consult a garage door repair in Baltimore.

    As a guide, here are some of the steps that you can do in order to fight against the garage door wont close issue:

    Clear the Path

    Any clutter or obstructions that may be blocking the sensor are the first problems that you should look out for if the door won’t close, or in some cases, open at all.

    You have to examine the sensor light.

    Depending on the brand of garage door that you currently have, it can either have one of the sensor lights produce flash, dim or completely go out whenever its beam is disrupted.

    While you may think that nothing might be in the way, you should take into consideration performing maintenance or cleaning the eyes of the sensors.

    Dirt, debris, or even spiders may build a home in the area, which can interrupt the beam and then stop the door from operating.

    However, if the door still won’t stay closed, you should double-check the sensors and see that they are aligned with each other.

    If they are not, bend them gently in order to bring back the clear connection.

    This can secure that you have a clean escape from the garage.

    Set the Limits

    If the sensor eyes have been checked and they are in alignment but the garage door wont close still, then it might be the fault of the open and close limits.

    These are settings that are also referred to as the travel limits.

    They tell the opener the distance of how far the door should be able to travel before it is closed fully.

    This helps prevent the door from crushing any objects that are in its path.

    If the settings have been set too high, then the door might sene that the floor is an obstruction, which allows it to immediately open once again after you close it.

    However, you don’t need to worry.

    You can easily adjust it with a screwdriver using a few measurements.

    For specific instructions, you should consult the manual or the website of the manufacturer of the door so as to stop the garage door wont close issue.

    Get the Door Back On Track

    You have to keep the garage door closed for your security.

    Hence, it can be pretty stressful if the door does not want to stay shut.

    You can make a lot of effort to get the home safely sealed once more, and that should also be directed to the tracks and rollers of the garage door.

    As you know, the improper maintenance of these parts can cause them to malfunction.

    Hence, you should solve this problem by cleaning the metal rollers using a toothbrush, so as to remove the grime.

    You can also lubricate it by using a non-silicon-based product, such as motor oil.

    If the door is composed of nylon rollers, you should only lubricate the bearings.

    Then, clean the tracks using a cloth and brake oil, and then removing the buildup that might be preventing the door from closing.

    If the above steps still don’t work, then it is best to contact a garage door repair in Baltimore.

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