Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

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    Worried about the state of your garage door?

    Or are you anxious that it will break down at any time?

    Well, it’s time that you take action.

    Here are some of the garage door maintenance checklist that you can do to preserve the health of your garage door:

    Perform some cleaning.

    Perhaps one of the best ways to keep the garage door functional and appealing is by providing it with some cleaning regularly.

    Homeowners often overlook this aspect of keeping a garage door.

    However, it only takes a few minutes. You can take the time to carefully get rid of the dirt on the door, as well as debris.

    This, in return, will help the door last longer and even give you the opportunity to check all the working components so that you can make sure that they are in proper working order.

    Inspect your wooden door.

    If you have a wooden garage door, it may need a vastly different maintenance compared to metal doors.

    Moreover, if the wood is damaged or is already wood, it can be brought back to life if you put some tender loving care on it.

    For example, a flaked paint can be scraped off to provide your door with a new color.

    In return, it can bring new life to the home.

    If there are rotten areas, then the door should be replaced and glossed with a new stain at least every couple of years.

    While wooden garage doors can be exquisite, they might require various approaches on your garage door maintenance checklist.

    Inspect the rollers.

    A good garage door maintenance checklist should include the checking of the rollers.

    A door that has a defunct roller can operate like a vehicle that has a flat tire.

    It becomes wobbly, uneven, and frustrating.

    You need to inspect the garage door rollers and see if they are chipped, corroded, or are sticking to the sleeve that it is contained in.

    Often, they will also need to be replaced.

    But you can simply lube them to solve the stickiness.

    Inspect the springs.

    The garage door springs are very dangerous.

    They are hazardous when they break, especially when you apply some do-it-yourself maintenance.

    You should be able to call in a garage door repair in Baltimore to deal with the replacement of the torsion springs, if need be.

    You can add it to the garage door maintenance checklist. Inspect both the springs and then look for any sign of wear, rust, or fragility.

    You can have them lubed up to solve some issues.

    The springs can wear out, but this can be prevented for quite a long time with your garage door maintenance checklist.

    Inspect the track.

    The track is known as the road that your garage door takes every time it operates.

    Hence, you should make sure that it is indeed intact as part of the maintenance.

    Ensure that there is no debris hindering the way of the rollers.

    The tracks should not track or be defective.

    Check the bolts, hinges, and cables.

    Your bolts, hinges, and cables in the garage door should be inspected for any defects.

    While a bolt that breaks off is a bit rare, it can happen to the garage door.

    The cables can also lose their tension and the hinges can be unscrewed.

    You should, therefore, give it a good inspection.

    Test the balance of the door.

    It is a great practice to test the balance of the door, as it can give you information if the garage door system is failing.

    You have to close the garage door first in order to do this and then disconnect the opener.

    It is essential that the door is switched to manual mode for safety.

    Call Smooth Openers

    A garage door maintenance checklist is imperative to the health of the door.

    If you are busy, Smooth Openers can easily do it for you.

    We are a team of professionals and experts who operate for the needs and satisfaction of our clients.

    We offer a wide range of services, ranging from garage door installation in Baltimore to garage door repair.

    Do not hesitate to contact us should you need any help!

    Call Smooth Openers for the health of your garage door!

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