How To Open Garage Door Manually From Outside

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    It is not so often that you get stuck in a situation that ends up with you getting locked outside of the garage.

    Although it is not a very common occurrence, it can still happen.

    What is worse is that you can even get locked inside it.

    There are garage doors today that are automated and electronic.

    As such, they are vulnerable to problems, especially the one where you need to have the door manually opened or closed in case of an emergency.

    Getting stuck outside or inside means avoiding despair as well as panic.

    You should stay calm and remember that there are various ways for you to open the garage door using your bare hands without the help of electricity.

    With this, you should always keep in mind that all the electric systems are equipped with a bypass for manual operation, especially if there are accidents that may take place.

    To give you some tips, here is how to open garage door manually from outside:

    Opening the Door From Outside

    When the situation arises and you do not have any access to the garage as you are outside or at home, then you learn how to open garage door manually from outside.

    You must also possess an emergency key release that is installed on the door.

    After it has been installed, you should adhere to the following steps:

    • Find the emergency key release that is located outside of the garage door and put the key into the lock.
    • Move the key and then pull out the lock tumbler.
    • After you have removed it, a cord should be seen on the tumbler hole of the lock. Tug the cord to have the motor disconnected.
    • Push the door up until uput have had it fully opened. It should not try to fall back down.
    • Connect the emergency key release as well as the motor. Simply place the tumbler of the lock back onto the hole and then lock it with its key.

    Reconnecting the Motor

    When the power has come back on, you will have to reconnect the garage door opener once again.

    It is one of the finishing touches of how to open garage door manually from outside.

    To ensure proper re-engaging of the mechanism, you must adhere to the following instructions:

    • Ensure that the garage door has been closed.
    • Tug down the emergency release cord that is in red on the motor.
    • Push the door manually and do so until you feel that it has been connected once more.

    Manual Opening of the Door from Outside

    You can also open the door manually from outside by means of the automatic opener.

    There are some instances where this chore is a very simple one for most people who know how to handle it.

    It simply includes locating the emergency release, then turning the key, and lifting the door open.

    However, it doesn’t matter if you are opening the garage door from outside or inside manually.

    The thing is, you will always have to re-engage the motor of the garage door once the power has been restored.

    To reconnect the door, all you have to do is to tug the same emergency red release cord once again and then lift the door manually.

    After that, simply release the latch that is affixed to the rail connector.

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